W H A T  W E  D O

We have been there! We have discovered so much during the planning of our own weddings, and can appreciate what immense time and effort goes into planning the perfect event. We strive to exceed your expectations in terms of end-to-end service.
We consider you, and your visions, as our most important inspiration for our designs. 
We appreciate that every client is unique, we therefore love to hear your thoughts and inspiration to provide you with a design that speaks to you, and tells your story! 
From save the date cards, to the full wedding invitation suite, or even an invite for your next big event, we have you covered. We are honoured that you have chosen us to go on this journey with you.
Let’s see what magic we can create together... 


Printed Invitations for; Weddings, Save The Dates, Engagements, Christenings, Birthday Celebrations.
Signage, Menus, Tags, Place Cards, Seating Charts, Labels
General Graphic Design Services

P R I N T I N G  M E T H O D S

Digital Printing; By far the most economical option. Digital printing is flat laser printing with minimal set up and a quick turnaround. Price Range $

Letterpress; The traditional method of printing using a metal plate to transfer the ink onto paper leaving behind a luxurious indentation. Suitable for quantities of 50+ with a longer production time needed. Price Range $$$

Embossing & Debossing; Like letterpress, this method requires metal plates that are pressed into the paper, however no ink is used. The result is a beautiful blind raised or indented impression. Can be done for large text or illustrative elements of the design. Suitable for quantities of 50+ with a longer production time needed.  Price Range $$$

Foil Printing; The decadent metallic finishes are created by pressing foil into the paper using a hot foiling machine. This method also uses custom metal plates and the options for foil colours go far and beyond just gold or silver. Suitable for quantities of 50+ with a longer production time needed. Price Range $$$

Vinyl stickers; If you want the look of foil printing, but for smaller quantities, vinyl stickers are a more cost effective way to achieve the luxe look, without the setup costs and turnaround time. Suitable for highlighting one element of the design, eg 'PARTY' or personalised guest names.  Price Range $$

White Ink; A digital printing process using white toner. Ideal for use on coloured card and envelopes. Minimal set up and a quick turnaround. Price Range $$ a

ve been there!.